Friday, September 23, 2011



 Since my last update, I left my crate of milk out after taking the picture below!!!! The deep freezer has this crazy suction so you have to wait a few minutes before it can be opened again. Being the multi-tasker that I am not, I went back in the house to do some other stuff first.  Well, I forgot to put the crate back in the freezer and did not discover it until the next day.  I was sick for the rest of the day just thinking about it.  I know you aren't supposed to refreeze food once it has been thawed (I'm guilty of doing it all the time) but I was really fearful of Elijah's immune system not being handle bacteria that could be present. I did some research and got some mixed opinions. I marked the bags and put them back in the freezer.  I'm thinking about continuing to pump for a little longer to build my stash back up. I'm not sure if I will use those or not.

Oh, and the cabbage idea only lasted about 2 hours, I could not take the smell!!

Operation- Reduce Milk Production is underway!

Elijah isn't quite 6 months yet, but I am in the process of relocating and starting a new job so now is a good time to transition. Although I am a proponent of breastfeeding, I am eager to get this phase of my life over with!  Taking care of a newborn is hard enough, factor in the amount of time spent pumping and the stress level goes through the roof. Not to mention having to plan around my pump schedule (my brother hates when I use the P word).  I am fortunate to have been able to work from home since he was born. I'm not sure I would've lasted this long if I had to go into the office everyday. I know that would've been more stress than I could've handled! 

I have 2 of these in the freezer, do you think they will last for 2 months? I'm hopeful.

Back to the Operation... So, the plan of attack has been to reduce the number of times I pump every week. I've gone from pumping 5 times a day down to 3. I hear cabbage leaves help. I'll start that this weekend. What has worked for you?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Months, already?

I can't believe Elijah is 5 months! Seems like yesterday he was sleeping day and night and I was doing my best to keep him up so I could see those handsome eyes! Now those little eyes curiously scan the room and twinkle when he sees a toy he likes (or his bottle).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buckeye Nation

The Ohio State Buckeyes played their second game of the season against the Toledo Rockets 27-22.  Man, that was a tough one.  Considering the suspensions, Tressel's resignation and Pryor's unexpected departure I'm just glad we pulled it off.  Hey, a win is a win, I'll take it. BUCKEYE NATION FOREVER!!

Here's Elijah, showing his buckeye love.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frugal Mama... in training

I'm sure all of you moms out there know, babies come with a lot of baggage! Your hands are full carrying diapers, bibs, extra clothes, blankets, and other baby necessities. Unless you are an alien, there are not enough hands to carry all of this and mom's handbag too. After several outings with Elijah, I realized I had to downsize my handbag for something that could fit inside his diaper bag. Being that I am so practical these days, I figured I'd hit up the discount stores first. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't have the patience to do discount stores. I will pay extra for the convenience of an organized rack, NOT anymore. Well I didn't find anything at TJ Maxx, Marshall's or DSW. Luckily I had a roadtrip coming up that passes directly through an outlet mall. Seriously, you have to go through the outlet mall before you can proceed. At least that's what the little devil on my shoulder told me, I didn't ask him any questions, I'm just telling you what he said. Anyhow, I ended up going to the Coach outlet to find a wristlet. 2 hours later (I had to go through a lot of stores before finding Coach) I came out of my shopping coma holding these goodies. I got all of this for under $200! I could not have purchased a Gucci for that amount so I applaud myself for saving so much money! I'm trying to be frugal, but I'm not crazy. That was a good deal. You can't tell from the picture but the bag is huge and will make a perfect 'Mommy & Me' bag when Elijah gets a little bigger. Oneday I hope to reunite with Gucci, but right now, I am crushing on Coach! There are so many fabulous bags out there, it shouldn't take a fancy name and big price tag to look good, right? Have you made any changes in your choice of  handbags after having a life changing experience?