Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A year ago I was told that the years past quickly. They were not kidding! I guess I can officially stop blaming him for the extra weight right? The first birthday party went off without a hitch.
The theme was Thomas the Train, so Elijah came dressed for the occasion in an OshKosh conductor jumper with a red bandana.

I resisted the urge to go all out, but I did manage to do a small arts & crafts project of his monthly pictures. Before Elijah, I enjoyed scrapbooking so it was nice to use the tools that I spent so much money on. Maybe oneday I will start scrapping again.

Made by Barb the Cake Lady, the cake tasted as good as it look! (Barb has been making cakes for me and my friends for years now) Elijah enjoyed his first taste of cake. I would say he enjoyed his first sugar high, but my mom was here for 10 days before his birthday and you know how grandmas are!

We rented a moonwalk and a sno-cone machine. Both were big hits with the kids. We also had 'Pinky Panties' and Peach Ciroc.. both were big hits with adults :-)

 Note to self always designate a picture taker. Unfortunately, I don't have many picures from the party! So to you new mom's, don't forget a photographer (unless you have a good memory)


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