Tuesday, November 10, 2015


My bestie told me that blogging about my weight-loss journey would keep me motivated and hold me accountable... lets see if she's right.

I'll start by talking about the gym first. This is where I shine!

I started going to Lifetime Fitness in August. LTF is like the Cadillac of gyms. I know my blog is about being practical, but this gym comes with a lot of great perks and has an outstanding childcare facility. I usually make it to the gym 3 to 4 times a week.  I haven't been able to run in at least 6 years due to knee problems. Since I started strengthening the muscles around my knee, I'm now able to run for 14 minutes straight! LTF offers anabolic metabolism assessments (AMA). I took it to find my specific fat-burning and cardio heart-rate zones (instead of the generic ones that uses your age to calculate your zones). I entered my customized zones into the LTF app and use the apps predefined heart-rate workouts 3 to 4 days a week. I recently took re-assessment (recommended every 3 months) and the results are raveworthy!!

The first graphic shows my change in hear-rate zones and the second one shows my VO2. . VO2 or "Volume of Oxygen" is the standard measure for cardiovascular fitness potential. The score indicates the maximum amount of oxygen your body is capable of using at any one time. The more in shape I become, the more oxygen my body will be able to use and the longer I'll be able to workout.  Notice how I moved from POOR to GOOD in this area!!


You like how I started with the good news first? Now for the bad...  There was a time when I could eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight as long as I worked out. That time has obviously passed.  the scale is not saying much, I have to eat right and exercise. My eating habits are still very inconsistent.  I have to start somewhere, right? I promise to do better with my food on my next post!


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