Monday, April 30, 2012

A Year in Review

Every month I chronicled Elijah's growth by taking a picture. Every keeps asking me where I found the numbered onesies, well here's the secret.... they are actually stickers. I ordered them from Etsy before he was born. Although he is always willing to smile, depending on the time of day, he grew a bit restless and did not want to stay still. It was a lot easier when I propped him up using pillows. Now he is bigger than the pillow!

Looking back at the pictures, it is unbelievable how much he's changed over the past year.



awwww...didn't know they were stickers. how cool. my cousin does the same thing with her son but didn't want to ask how she did that. lol Cool..

Baby Shopaholic

Look how much my pooter has grown!!!

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