Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cribs, Cribs, Cribs

My quest to find the perfect crib was long and exhaustive! I didn’t know much about crib manufacturers other than Jenny Lind cribs from circa 1980. You remember them, right?

So my first stop was to Babies R Us to take a look at cribs.
The first to catch my attention were made by Sorelle and Davinci
They were pretty stylish and well priced at under $300. Baby Cache is their high-end brand costing $500. After (gently) running my fingernail across the bedpost and leaving a dent, I quickly concluded I would not be purchasing the Baby Cache line.

Well… I then went to Georgia Baby as suggested by my friend at Baby Shopaholic. After seeing the Cadillac of cribs, there was no turning back for a recovering shopaholic! I quickly familiarized myself with brands like Munire and American Baby.  These cribs were a lot heavier than those at BabiesRUs and they did not have tons of visible screw holes. At $1600, this crib and dresser set was the one I fell in love with. The old me would’ve bought it immediately, no questions asked. The new me had some tough decisions to make.

  1. To convert or not? Well it depends, How long do you expect to keep the crib? For me, I like change. Once Elijah is 3 or 4, I know I will want to re-do his room. Paying extra for a convertible was not a priority for me

  1. How should I pay? Again it depends. How long do you plan to use the set. Some people will want to use it until little Bobby goes away to college (if it’s a converter of course). Others plan to have another child who will use the crib. Both circumstances will undoubtedly require a more sturdy crib and justify investing in a more expensive crib.
I like buying high quaility items but I didn't feel right about paying $1600 on a set I would probably give away after a few years.
My goal was to find a middle of the road crib.  High enough quality that it doesn't look cheap; durable enough that it will last longer than 4 years if I need it to.

Here are pictures of Elijah’s nursery

I wandered back to the clearance section of Georgia Baby and got the crib, dresser and armoire for $899.  As far as I’m concerned, I saved $700 and got a free armoire! I still like the Munire set better, but for $900, I can't complain!


Baby Shopaholic

P crib is Munire. Love it but it was a closeout so I saved big time! E's room is so cute!

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